The Secret History of the Roman Roads of Britain

The data

The Google Earth data sets that form the core of the Atlas section of this website were also at the heart of the writing process of The Secret History of the Roman Roads of Britain (SHRRB) and it was always my intention to make them available with a Creative Commons (Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike or CC BY-NC-SA) licence once the book was published. Part of the fun and benefit of neogeography is precisely that availability of data and seeing what can be done with it.

The mapping of the road system was done by following Margary’s text as literally as possible. Most of the time it was straightforward but there are some areas where the text was opaque, superficial, and unhelpful and a degree of guesswork was necessary. Just as it is important to remember that Margary’s network is an interpretation of the original Roman road system, so this digital mapping is an interpretation of his text.

Of the additional SHRRB layers, all are my own work with the exception of the mapping of the medieval timber castles, which is taken directly from the datasets made available by the Gatehouse website. The mapping uses the uMap engine and each map has various layers that can be turned on and off using the icons on the left of the screen. There is also a link to the whole KMZ file below.

Whilst every care has been exercised in compiling and publishing the data contained in the provided file, no responsibility can be accepted for errors in or omissions from that data.

Download the SHRRB Google Earth file (0.7Mb)

Page last updated 16th July 2016